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Draft Records

You can now save an upload you're working on to "My dashboard" by clicking the "Save draft" button. You can also see what the record will look like when published by clicking the "Preview" button. The record will only be visible to you until you click the "Publish" button. You can pre-reserve a DOI for a draft record, so you can include it in a manuscript or documentation. You can also swap out the files attached to a draft record at any point.


CaltechDATA now supports record versioning! Your published record will have a button called "New version", which creates a new record that is automatically linked to the old version. The landing page for the old version includes an alert for users that that a new version is available. This is the recommended approach for modifying files on a published record. 

Reviewer share links

If you embargo files, you can now create a private share link that you can provide to reviewers. On your record landing page, click the "Share" button to generate a private link.


All CaltechDATA users can create communities, which collect records together and support record curation and review. Community owners decide who can review records, as well as what records should be accepted into the community. This is a great option for labs or research projects that want to collect and manage uploads from multiple users.

COVID-19 notice

Some services may have changed as a result of COVID-19. Please check our COVID-19 guide for more information.

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