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Books, journal articles, conference papers, datasets, and other item types may have unique numbers that you can use to collect citation information.

To use these unique numbers from with Zotero Standalone.

  1. Click on the magic wand icon (top, left corner of the center panel).
  2. Enter the number(s) in the field that pops up.
    • You can enter multiple numbers for a single item type at the same time but you cannot enter numbers for multiple item types at the same time.
      • For example, you can enter and find citations for many different DOIs at the same time but not for DOIs and ISBNs at the same time.
  3. Click ‘Search.’
    • Zotero searches through Crossref (a database) and Google Scholar.
  4. Zotero will save citations in ‘My Library’ in Zotero Standalone and include PDFs if they’re available.

Screenshot of Zotero highlighting magic wand icon in center panel with DOIs entered into the drop down field.

Here’s a list of some unique numbers you can use in Zotero:

  • Digital Object Identifier or DOI.
    • Example: 10.1681/ASN.2020081175
  • International standard book number or ISBN.
    • Example: 9780262043502
  • arXiv identification number or arXiv ID
    • Example: 1602.03837v1
  • PubMed identification number or PMID
    • Example: 34288289

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