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Follow these steps to make and save notes in your LibSearch account:

  1. Login to LibSearch (see our FAQ on logging into LibSearch for details).
  2. When you find a record that you’d like to make a note about, select Create Note.

    Arrow pointing to create note on left side of screen
  3. Then choose +New Note.

    Arrow pointing to +New Note near center of screen
  4. A text area will open where you can start typing a note. When you’re done, click Save.

    Circle around note text box with arrow pointing at save button
  5. Now, just above the record, you should see a preview of your saved note.

    Arrow pointing at notes at the top of the item record
  6. If you would like to take a look at all of your notes, go to Folder and then Notes.

Arrow pointing at Folder at the top of the screen and Notes near the bottom

Keep in mind: If you make a note on an item you’ve saved, the item will move from the folder where it was originally saved into the Notes folder.

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