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Answered By: Tom Morrell
Last Updated: Sep 09, 2019     Views: 8

Dataset and Software are the two most commonly used Resource Types in CaltechDATA. We provide the DataCite taxonomy of other Resource Types that may be appropriate for specific submissions.

  • InteractiveResource - A resource requiring interaction from the user to be understood. This is used for Virtual Reality content, training modules, or query/response portals.
  • Model - An abstract, conceptual, graphical, mathematical or visualization that represents empirical objects, phenomena, or physical processes. This could be descriptions of languages or a molecular biology reaction chain.
  • Workflow - A structured series of steps which can be executed to produce a final outcome, allowing users a means to specify and enact their work in a reproducible manner.
  • Audiovisual - Movies with or without sound. If a record has movies and other files, it should be described as a Dataset or Workflow.
  • Image - Image files. If a record has image and other files, it should be described as a Dataset or Workflow.
  • Sound - Audio files. If a record has sound and other files, it should be described as a Dataset or Workflow.
  • Text - A resource consisting primarily of words for reading. CaltechAUTHORS is a better repository for most written content from Caltech.
  • Collection - An aggregation of resources that are already described with persistent identifiers. You can use this type for a record that contains links to other CaltechDATA records.