Answered By: Gail Clement
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018     Views: 115

ShareLaTeX and Overleaf were two different (and competing) platforms in the past. But in 2017, they merged under the Overleaf name and, over the past year, they have evolved into a single platform known as Overleafv2. Overleafv2 will officially launch to both ShareLaTeX and Overleaf customers on September 2, 2018.

When you log into your existing account under either product name, you will automatically be connected to the merged Overleafv2 platform . You may notice changes to the way Overleaf works because it has adopted many of the features previously found in ShareLaTeX.

Some features of the "old" Overleaf won't be implemented until the end of 2018. You may wish to continue using Overleaf 1 on projects relying on those features until the changes are made systemwide. A link back to Overleaf 1 will appear on the new online platform after September 4.

The features of the original Overleaf not yet implemented in Overleafv2 include:

  • Direct git access to your project (push and pull to,
  • Zotero bibliography imports,
  • Some publisher submissions are still only available in Overleaf v1.
  • Certain features (such as the custom integration with have been superseded by more standard integrations (e.g. the ability to pull in files from external URLs).

For more information about the "new" Overleaf + ShareLaTex, please refer to the helpful FAQ page at are also welcome to send questions about the changes to our LaTeX online platforms to library at