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To open the Advanced Search window, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the center column. In this window, you can filter by a variety of properties:

  • 'Search in library' allows you to search in 'My Library' or a group library, if you have one.

  • 'Match any/all of the following' allows you to perform 'and/or' searches if you are searching on more than one term or phrase. Matching 'any' means any of your search terms will turn up in your results (e.g. Twitter OR feminism OR social justice). 'Any' will broaden your search. Matching 'all' means all of your search terms will turn up in your results (e.g. Twitter AND feminism AND social justice). 'All' will narrow your search.

  • Use the drop down arrows to pick which property to search (e.g. title, abstract, date) and set a filter for that property (contains, does not contain, etc.). Depending on which property you pick, the filters will change. For example, if you select 'Date,' your choices are 'is, is not, is before, is after, is in the last.'

  • There are three checkboxes to choose from once you have set your search criteria. (1) 'Search subcollections' allows you to include subcollections in your search. (2) 'Show only top-level items' will collapse any items with attachments or notes. (3) 'Include parent and child items of matching items' matches search criteria against both parent items and child items (a child item is generally a note added to an item).

  • You can add and subtract search terms by clicking on the plus or minus symbols.

  • Once you have performed a search, you can save it.

  • After you save a search, it will show up as a collection under My Library.

The percent sign (%) acts as a wild card in advanced searches, substituting for zero or more characters. For example, the search term “A% Einstein” will match “A Einstein," “A. Einstein,” as well as “Albert Einstein."


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