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This six-step process is a relatively easy way to import citations and PDFs from EndNote into Zotero:

  1. In EndNote, select the citations you want to export and then go to File > Export; a dialog box will pop up asking you where to save the export file.

  2. Navigate to your EndNote data directory (typically, My Documents\endnote.Data); this directory contains a 'PDF' folder, but you should be sure to select the data directory rather than any sub-directory; this is important: Zotero will look for file attachments in a directory relative to the RIS file you are exporting now. If this file is located in the wrong place during import into Zotero, file attachments will not be imported.
  3. Set the output style to "RefMan (RIS) Export" and save as a .txt file; if you want to export a subset of your library and have selected specific items to export, check the 'Export Selected References' box; otherwise, make sure it is unchecked.

  4. In Zotero, go to File > Import.

  5. Find and double-click the 'RefMan (RIS) Export' file (the .txt file) that was exported from EndNote.

  6. Citations are added to a Zotero collection sharing the same name as the .txt file (in most cases 'My EndNote Library').

(To rename this collection, right-click on it and select 'Rename Collection.')

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