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Current Caltech faculty, students, and staff get free, unlimited storage courtesy of the Caltech Library.

To access the free storage, you must register for a Zotero account online using your Caltech email address. Zotero will periodically ask you to verify your institutional email address in order to maintain unlimited storage.

If you do not wish to use your Caltech email address or you are leaving Caltech, regular users are given 300 MB of free storage. Larger storage plans are available for a fee. See Zotero's documentation on storage for more information.

Additional information about other storage options can be found in Zotero's documentation on WebDAV. Please note that Box (including Caltech Box) discontinued WebDAV support in October 2019. You can still use WebDAV but Box will not provide support for it should an issue arise.

The following instructions for using a personal Box account for external Zotero storage are provided in case external storage is needed for a non-Caltech Zotero account. 

  1. Start Zotero Standalone.
  2. Navigate to the "Preferences" menu and then the "Sync" tab.
  3. Under "File Syncing," check the box next to "Sync Attachments in My Library Using" and select "WebDAV" from the drop-down menu next to that.
  4. Next to "URL," select "https://" and enter "" into the field.
  5. For "Username" enter the email address that is associated with your Box account.
  6. For "Password" enter the password that is associated with your Box account.
  7. Click Enter (NOT "Verify Server").
  8. If Zotero can successfully communicate with your Box account, you should see a message saying "Server Configuration Verified" and "File Sync is Successfully Set Up."
  9. At this point, if you tell Zotero to sync your library, it should start uploading and syncing with your Box account.
  10. To verify that syncing is taking place, log into your Box account and look for the Zotero folder; there should be a list of files in there -- do not touch them.


Final note: using Dropbox is discouraged for various reasons including the potential for file corruption. Please see Zotero's forum discussion on Dropbox for more information.

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