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A book chapter from an edited volume is entered as a 'Book Section.' Click the green new item button and select 'Book Section.'

You will now see both a 'Title' field for the chapter title and a separate 'Book Title' field.

To add an editor click the plus sign (+) sign on the author line in the right column. This will create an additional Author line. If you click the triangle to the left of the new author field you will be able to change it to an editor.

If you need to change an existing citation's item type to a book chapter, select the citation, click on existing item type in the info pane (to reveal a drop down menu), and choose 'Book Section.'

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Comments (2)

  1. Is there no quicker way to fill in the information on the book itself? It is quite tedious to have to do it manually for every single chapter of the same book.
    by Arndis on Oct 25, 2019.
  2. You can enter information for an entire book by entering the ISBN. Alternately, once you have complete info for a chapter, you can Duplicate the item and then just change the chapter title information.
    by Donna Wrublewski on Oct 25, 2019.