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The official Zotero app for iPhone and iPad is here! Instructions for Android phones are listed below. Please check out Zotero's documentation on mobile devices for more information.

To access the mobile version of Zotero on your tablet or mobile phone, first make sure that you have registered for a Zotero account online. Once you have registered, log into from a browser on your mobile device.

To save items from your mobile device's browser directly to your Zotero account, go to Zotero's bookmarklet page.

From your Android phone:

  1. Go to Zotero's bookmarklet page and bookmark the page

  2. Edit the bookmark you just created

  3. Change the title to something appropriate such as "Save to Zotero"

  4. Copy the code in the textbox found on Zotero's bookmarklet page (in the 'Android Browser' tab) and paste it as the URL for the bookmark

  5. If you have not already done so, log into from your Android phone's browser

When you locate an item you want to save:

  1. Tap into the address bar for the item you want to save and start typing the name you have saved the bookmarklet as (i.e. 'Save to Zotero')

  2. Tap the bookmarklet entry when it appears in the auto-suggest

  3. The bookmark will save to your account

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