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Set up syncing if you would like to manage your Zotero library from multiple computers, your mobile device, and the web.

To set up syncing:

  1. Sign up for a Zotero account online.
    1. The library offers free, unlimited storage if you sign up using your Caltech email address! Otherwise, you get 300 MB of storage.Screenshot of Zotero's online registration page.
  2. Consider your storage needs.
    1. Individual citations do not take up any storage space.
    2. Attachments like PDFs, notes, and snapshots take up storage space.
    3. PDFs take up the most space.
  3. Link your new Zotero account online with Zotero Standalone.
    1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Sync
    2. Enter your account information.
    3. Click ‘Set up Syncing'Screenshot of Zotero Preferences highlighing the Sync tab and Data Syncing where you enter a Zotero username and password.

See Zotero's documentation on syncing for more details and help troubleshooting sync problems.

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